Avoiding allergenic naturals

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2014 08:04AM UTC
Even the most organic fragrances are allergenic. Several tree barks, fruits and their peels, bee products and other natural extracts are highly allergenic.

If you've got sensitive skin, hypoallergenic products trump natural ones all the time. A common misconception is that "natural" and "organic" ingredients are not allergenic. In many cases, it is the opposite that's true. Bee stings, mangoes, shellfish, pollen, dander, peanuts are examples of different things that, even in their most natural and organic forms, can cause allergic reactions (some very severe) in people who are sensitive to them. And many natural ingredients are on the allergen list.

At VMV, we try to use natural, organic and sustainable ingredients whenever we can. But our first filter is always hypoallergenicity.

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