Our commitment to reformulating when needed

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2014 08:11AM UTC
"VH" means that a product has been tested - validated - for hypoallergenicity.
The minus sign followed by a number shows how many allergens are absent in the formulation. Our commitment: The VH-Rating System is effective as long as it and products are regularly updated.

If just one of the ingredients we use makes the allergen list, we reformulate our products to remove it.

Considering the barrage of tests that we subject each raw material, ingredient and final formulation, this is a daunting, exhaustive process that's unique to VMV. But it's our commitment to your skin's safety.

Our Labels: In an effort to provide the most hypoallergenic products possible, we periodically reformulate our products to be consistent with the latest published allergen lists of the NACDG and ESSCA. If our products remain compliant with new publications and no reformulations are necessary, we still modify our packaging to reflect the new maximum number of allergens if it has changed.

As this process takes some time - and we'd rather not throw away perfectly good packaging! - this sometimes results in VH Ratings on products not yet reflecting the most current publications.

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